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Best Fonts for Blogs: What is the secret behind getting millions of traffic with less bounce rate?

Look at the snapshot of my new blog have a bounce rate of just 14.68% from organic visitors.

Bounce rate - best fonts for blogs

Hey Dear,

Are you a blogger but not getting traffic and less bounce rate and want to make your content more attractive?

Well, this is a common problem for very new blogger.

But wait, I have a great solution to this problem. A right font can help you a lot in increase readability, which results in more traffic.

Choosing the best blog font from thousands is quite difficult but trust me, At the last of this post you will get a couple of best fonts for the blog.

The Psychology Of Fonts (Human Behavior To Fonts)

According to an experiment done by Norbert Schwarz and Hyunjin Sang proof that fonts are actually mattered to boost readability.

To understand this psychology you have to do a small task i.e. read the text in both of the images.

The physocolgy of font- best fonts for blogs

Have you read the text in the images? If yes, then what is difference

I am sure the text written in Arial font is much easier to read at first glance but at the same time, the text written in brush font is actually very difficult to read at the first glace.

This same experiment is done by Norbert Schwarz and Hyunjin Sang on two groups..

What do we conclude for this small task?

As a blogger we should make our content more readable and attractive.

Hence using the best fonts for blogs is very important.

What Is Perfect Size For The Blog Fonts?

Now we know that the best fonts for the blog are actually very important but what should the best font size?

Well, I have seen many sites with a font size of just 11-12 px, which is actually very difficult to read.

So I always prefer you to keep your content font size 15-18 px honestly, I know it little bit bigger but usually people feel easy to read at this size.

Hence, Keep your font size 15-18 px.

Best Fonts For Blogs

Here is the collection of the best fonts for blogs to use…All of them are handpicked.

1. Josefin Sans

josefin Sans- best fonts for blogs

This is one of the most famous google fonts and also my favorite font of the list many of my sites are using Josefin sans. You can check all the heading of this site.

Category: San serif

Designer: Santiago Orozco

Best Pairs with: Open Sans, Roboto, Montserrat, Raleway, LatoLive Preview/ More Info

2. Poppins

josefin Sans- best fonts for blogs

Category: Sans-serif

Designer: Indian Type Foundry

Best Pairs with: Open Sans,Raleway,Playfair Display,Oswald

Now you have reached one of the best font for blogs. The site in which you are reading this article is also using the same font in body.Live Preview/ More Info

3. Roboto

josefin Sans- best fonts for blogs

Roboto is one of the most used font in the world.

Category: Sans-serif

Designer: Christian Robertson

Best Pairs with: Lato, Noto Sans, Open SansLive Preview/ More Info

4. Raleway

Raleway- Best Fonts For Blogs

Category: Sans-serif

Designer: Matt McInerney, Igino Marini, Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida

Best Pairs with: Roboto,Lato,Montserrat,OswaldLive Preview/ More Info

5. Merriweather

Merriweather- Best Fonts For Blogs

Category: Serif

Designer: Sorkin Type

Best Pairs with: Open Sans, Merriweather Sans, IBM Plex Sans, Roboto, MontserratLive Preview/ More Info

6. Georgia

Georgia- Best Fonts For Blogs

This is one of my favorite blog font.

Category: Serif

Foundry: Microsoft Corporation

Designer(s): Matthew Carter

Best Pairs with: Open Sans, many more..Live Preview/ More Info

7. Vollkorn

Vollkorn- Best Fonts For Blogs

Category: Serif

Designer: Friedrich Althausen

Best Pairs with: Roboto,Lato,Lora,PT SansLive Preview/ More Info

8. Open Sans

Open Sans- Best Fonts For Blogs
Open Sans

Category: Sans serif

Designer: Steve Matteson

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Montserrat, Raleway, OswaldLive Preview/ More Info

9. Oswald

Oswald- Best Fonts For Blogs

Category: Sans serif, Gothic stylings

Designer: Vernon Adams, Kalapi Gajjar, Cyreal

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Montserrat, RalewayLive Preview/ More Info

10. Playfair Display

Playfair Display- Best Fonts For Blogs

Category:  serif typeface

Designer: Claus Eggers Sørensen

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Open Sans, Montserrat, Lato, Raleway

This is one of the best fonts for blog headings.Live Preview/ More Info

11. Archivo

Archivo: Best Fonts for Blogs

Category: Sans-serif

Designer: Omnibus-Type

Best Pairs with: Open Sans,Montserrat,Lato,RalewayLive Preview/ More Info

12. Alegreya Sans

Alegreya Sans

Category: Sans and Serif

Designer: Juan Pablo del Peral

Best Pairs with: Open Sans, Montserrat, Roboto Slab, Roboto, PT SansLive Preview/ More Info

13. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro

Category: Sans

Designer: Paul D. Hunt

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Montserrat, RalewayLive Preview/ More Info

14. Quicksand

Best fonts for blogs

Category: Sans Serif

Designer: Andrew Paglinawan

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Montserrat, Raleway,Open SansLive Preview/ More Info

15. Gentium Basic

Gentium Basic

Category: Serif

Designer(s): Victor Gaultney

Best Pairs with: Open Sans, Raleway, Montserrat, Playfair Display, LoraLive Preview/ More Info

16. Spectral


Category: Serif

Designer(s): Production Type

Best Pairs with: Montserrat, Roboto Slab, Poppins,Work Sans, RubikLive Preview/ More Info

17. Rubik


Category: Sans Serif

Designer(s): Hubert and Fischer, Meir Sadan, Cyreal

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Montserrat, Poppins,Open SansLive Preview/ More Info

18. Fira Sans

Fira Sans

Category: Sans-serif

Designer(s): Carrois Apostrophe

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Oxygen, Ubuntu, CantarellLive Preview/ More Info

19. Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin

Category: Sans Serif

Designer(s): Impallari Type

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Montserrat, Poppins, Open Sans, Roboto SlabLive Preview/ More Info

20. Lora


Category: Serif

Designer(s): Cyreal

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Montserrat,Open Sans, RalewayLive Preview/ More Info

21. PT Serif

PT Serif
PT Serif

Category: Serif

Designer(s): ParaType

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Open Sans, Oswald, PT Sans, Playfair DisplayLive Preview/ More Info

22. Arvo


Category: slab-serif

Designer(s): Anton Koovit

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Open Sans, Source Sans Pro, RalewayLive Preview/ More Info

23. Alegreya


Category: serif and sans serif

Designer(s): Huerta Tipográfica

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Montserrat, Ubuntu, LoraLive Preview/ More Info

24. Noto Sans

Noto Sans

This is one of the best font in this list of best fonts for blogs and also its designed by Google.

Category: sans serif

Designer(s): Google

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Open sans, Noto Serif, Source Sans Pro, InconsolataLive Preview/ More Info

25. Nunito Sans

Nunito Sans

Category: sans serif

Designer(s): Multiple Designers

Best Pairs with: Roboto, Lato, Montserrat,Open Sans, RalewayLive Preview/ More Info

How To Add A Google Font To Blogger?

  1. Check out the Google Web Fonts Directory or pick a font from this list of best fonts for blogs.
  2. Then you can choose the styles of the font you want.
  3. It will give you the code to integrate the font which looks like this

Code Example

link href=’’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/CSS’

Click here to see all step

How To Install Google Fonts In WordPress

Most of the WordPress themes come with Google fonts by default for example theme Theme- neve, Hestia, and more…

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard or panel
  2. Go to Plugins>Add New
  3. Search “Easy Google Fonts” by Titanium Themes and install and activate it.
  4. Navigate to  Settings>Google Fonts & create “New Font Control.”
  5. Now go to Themes>Customize >Typography to manage the fonts you intend to use for an object.

My Opinion

Test all these fonts on your blog and see how it’s looking, Is it matching to your niche or not?

Try to focus on your user or visitor’s experience. It mostly depends upon your blog niche.


The best font can make your normal site looks very professional and attractive. A font just like our childhood days, When we are children we always try to make our handwriting good.

This is not the end of the article because I will add more fonts to this list as time passes….#Best fonts for blogs #best blog fonts

Now I have shared the best blog fonts, Which one you like the most?

Confused? about what blog font to choose, Then don’t worry just comment below I will help you to find the best font for you.

Now it’s your turn to Change your blog fonts to your favorite one, using these steps and comment below with your site link in the comment section So that I can see how your site looks…

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