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Why spend thousands of dollars for a powerful and secure SSL?? If you can get Cloudflare SSL for free for a lifetime. Which is much better.

Cloudflare SSL (Full)

Are you a blogger or website owner and worried about how to get an SSL for free?

Well, If you have many sites, then you don’t want to buy SSL for each of them obviously, Because it’s costly.

But, there are a lot of ways by which you can get free SSL for your site or blog easily.

From all the methods, I have found the easiest and best method to get a (Full) SSL absolutely for free.

At the end of this blog post, You will get your site fully secure by a Cloudflare SSL. With HTTPS. Cloudflare is also a Content delivery network (CDN), which also boosts the website speed too.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an Internet-based encryption layer between the user and the origin server. This layer ensures privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. 

The wesite having an SSL looks like this: .

They have an lock icon and HTTPS in their site URL.

Types Of SSL

There are Five types of SSL exits, Following are mentioned below:

  1. Single-Domain SSL Certificates (best for blogs and websites with not subdomains)
  2. Multi-Domain SSL Certificates
  3. Wild Card SSL Certificates (Cover all the domains in a single root domain)
  4. Organisation SSL Certificates (Works as a single-domain SSL but authenticate some details about the organization)
  5. Extended SSL Certificates ( This is used by Very large websites and very expensive)

Benefits and Importance of SSL Certificate.

Let us understand the benifit or the importance of the SSL certificate for a website or blog.

SEO Ranking

As you know Google ranking depends upon more than 200 parameters, an SSL affect the SREP ranking directly and Indirectly.

Every search engine gives much more priority to the site having an SSL rather than non SSL sites.

Cloudflare SSL Benefits
This show the ranking factor.

Trust & Bounce rate

Trust is very important in everything and when comes to privacy of the user it is as important as food.

For example, You want to buy a “Watch” online, then you will go to google and search “Buy watch Online, and you find many websites selling the same product, and you click on any of the ones and find this site doesn’t have an SSL and showing”Not Secure”.


Then what will you do?

Will bounce back and Buy the product from the other one having an SSL. Which is also not good for SEO ranking.

Because the don’t have SSL always it shows a warning that doesn’t fill in card details, etc in this hacker might attack this website or them.

Without an SSL you will be not able to make trust between you and your user.


SSL ensures that anyone holding data can only see character conflicts.

SSL also stops certain types of cyberattacks: It authenticates web servers, which is important because hackers often try to set up fake websites to deceive users and steal data. It also prevents attackers from tampering with data on the go, as a signal of tampering with a drug container.

Couldflare SSL: Flexible vs Full SSL

Flexible Cloudflare SSL: It encrypts the traffic between the browser and cloudflare, Which is not the best choice and fully secure.

Full Cloudflare SSL: It encrypt end-to-end using a self signed certificate on the origin server, which not recommended because it protect the whole wesbsite and server.

How to get (Full) Cloudflare SSL for Free.

How to get a Full Cloudflare SSL absolutely for free.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Open your Browser and Go to .

Then click on the Sign up/ Login button in the top right corner of the site.

If you don’t have an existing account on Cloudflare, then click on signup but If you have then just Login. In this case, I already have So I logged In.

Now, Click “Add a site”.

Once you login to your dashboard, you have to add that site on which you want to get a Cloudflare SSL.Adding site to cloudflare to get a free ssl

Enter the domain on which you want a free Cloudflare SSL and click on “Add Site” button.

Enter the domain on which you want a free cloudflare ssl

Now, Choose the Free plan

Free plan in cloudflare

After that, Scroll down and Click on continue without any changes.

Cloudflare automaticlly fetch your site DNS

Now replace your Nameserver with the Cloudflare’s Nameserver and Click on “done “.

Login to your Domain provider dashboard and go to DNS and change it. If you don’t know how to do it the Watch the Video at the end of the post or contact your domain provider. Replacing Defult nameserver to Cloudflare Nameserver

Keep it on Flexible for now

Flexible ssl

Scroll down and select “always use Https” and click on done.

It will redirect your whole site from http to https.Always use https

Scroll to the down and Press “Done”

Now, Click on “re-check” & Wait for 5-15 minutes (Some time it takes longer)

Usually, it takes 5-15 mins but in some cases, it takes longer

After Clicking on re-check now, Refresh the page repeatedly in a minute, Until you have got the message of “Cloudflare is now protecting your site”.

Now, to install the full SSL you have to go to the “SSL/TLS” section.

We have successfully installed the Flexible SSL, which means your site has an SSL, But to make your site more secure you have to install the full SSL. Let’s Go

Now, select it from “flexible” to “Full”.

Go to “Origin server” section

Now we have to install an SSL in our origin server.

Click on Create Certificate

This will make a certificate for your origin server.

Then, Leave everything defult and click on “next”.

Now, Your certificate is generated, Lets Install in in our server.

Now, Open your Cpanel or Hpanel in new tab and search “SSL/TLS” and click on it.

Click on the Install and manage SSL, because we have to install a custom SSL.

Then, Scroll down & select the domain.

Then, Copy the Certificate and Private key from the Cloudflare window, and paste it in your server’s SSL.

Copy the SSL and paste it here

Now, We have to get the (CA BUNDLE)

To get the CA bundle click here and copy the CA bundle from here.

Go to the step ” 4″, click and copy the CA- RSA Root

Now paste the CA bundle in your panel and click On install certificate and confirm…

Congratulation!! Now you have sucessfully install the Full Cloudflare SSL Sucessfully.

Checking the Cloudflare SSL is activated or Not?

Note: If you don’t see an SSL activated in your site, then try to clear your browser cache or Check your site from another smartphone or computer.

Or you can also check your site from another browser using a VPN or check it on GT MATRIX by analyzing it.

If there is any error then it will show an SSL error but it not then, Congrats!!. and wait for 6-7 hours.


Video: Step by Step video to install Cloudflare SSL.

If you still have any doubt then watch this detailed video on how to install an full cloudflare ssl for free.

FAQS related to Cloudflare SSL.

What is Cloudflare SSL?

An end-to-end secured Internet-based encryption layer between the user and the origin server. This layer ensures privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. 

Is Cloudflare SSL safe?

Yes because it is an encryption layer between the user and the origin server.

Can https be hacked?

Rarely Https sites get hacked.


An SSL is much essential for you site like an hosting and domain, without them it is site is not completed and looks unsafe.

Personnaly I use ssl by cloudflare on most of my site because an ssl costs a lot due can’t buy them for each of the one.

SSL provided by Cloudflare is really very safe and great for every site. Cloudflare is also a Content delivery network (CDN), which also boosts the website speed too.

I hope that now after reading this blog post you have an SSL installed on you Website, If not then do comment below I will be happy to help you.

Now it’s your turn to Make your site secure with a Cloudflare SSL-using these steps and comment below with your site link in the comment section So that I can see how your site looks and suggest some tips to grow and make it secure.


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