An Ecommerce Website that sells reusable cloth pads.

About The Website

Their mission is to create eco-friendly and hygienic menstrual solutions that will be accessible to women everywhere. They aim to empower women with employment opportunities and the ability to instill awareness in their communities about the benefits of using reusable cloth pads over traditional cloth or disposable products.

Client's Goals

For this project I have collaborated with Team Digiedia, We have to bring the design which was on Adobe XD to live WordPress website. It should be Fast, lightweight, and User friendly. The back-end should also be easy to manage and understand.

The Problem

The main problem we face here is the design itself, it had a lot of issues with  UX and the client doesn’t want any changes to the design. 

Due to design, we face issues with:

  • Speed
  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • The site was getting way heavier than we thought.
  • Alignment Issues.
  • The server was unable to handle the requests.
  • Third-party integration.
  • And a lot more with the assets.

The Solution

We make few minor but essential changes to the design to make it mobile responsive and user friendly.

We compressed all the assets on the site and used as few plugins as we can.

But still, it doesn’t work as expected.
So we decide to change the server entirely to a powerful one.

After all, the site is working fine and ready to launch.
The client was happy enough with the site but we are not yet but still.

Happy ending 🙂

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