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Hosting a webinar or video conferencing on your WordPress site. Sounds Cool?

9 Best Webinar & Video Conferencing Plugin For WordPress
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Want to conduct a video conference or a webinar on your WordPress website but worried about how to get started?

Well, these WordPress Webinar & Video Conferencing Plugin can help you to conduct a webinar or video conference on your WordPress blog or website in just few simple clicks.

At the end of this blog post, you will be able to conduct a webinar or a video conference on your WordPress site.

Install the Right WordPress Plugin to Get Started

To promote and host webinars or Video conference with your existing website, you need to install the appropriate WordPress webinar Video Conferencing plugin.

Choosing one will depend on what goals you want to achieve with your webinars and the type of content you plan to respond to and convey your message. Of course, the next step would be to combine some of the best webinar and Video Conferencing plugin with features and tools that can achieve your goal successfully.

Many types of webinar content include slideshows, live conference or presentation, text chat, pre-recorded videos, whiteboard, or live screen sharing. Describe the types of content you intend to include in your webinar and get the best plugin with these features.

Best WordPress Webinars & Video Conferencing Plugin:

1. WebinarPress

WebinarPress is one of the WordPress Webinar plugins that allows you to run and host your webinars directly on your website seamlessly from start to finish. Also, to host live webinars, you can allow attendees to stream your pre-recorded videos uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or your website.

However, experts advise not to upload your videos directly to your website as this can take up a lot of space which could lead to slow upload speeds or even site crashes. That said, include videos from external platforms like YouTube and Vimeo on your site page is the best way to go. You can also use the YouTube Live Streaming feature.

Designed to make your webinars more interactive, you can let your participants ask questions if they find it difficult to get certain points or if they want specific examples of how to apply the concept in real-life situations. You can answer their questions directly in the ongoing webinar session or with the question and answer plugin feature.

It is also good for developers to note that most internet users these days rely on their smartphones with screens much smaller than desktops.

That’s why WebinarPress allows you to create responsive and portable webinars, a feature that works well for all screen sizes. Your attendees can watch your webinars while on a commute, eating out, or when it’s impossible to watch from a larger screen.

The plugin not only allows you to host webinars, but also provides useful features that you can use to enhance your program. This includes fully customized email reminders that you can send to attendees to keep them posted at your event online.

For anyone interested in learning about your information who missed your webinar or came late, they can always take advantage of the replay feature.

WebinarPress Pro- Pricing and features

It should be noted that the free version of the plugin only allows you to host free webinars. The good news is that you can always improve on a project version if you decide to make money with your online tutorials. In addition, the pro version offers the best features of having integration tools.

For example, the live chat feature allows attendees to enter their questions in real time while watching your webinar. Simply put, you can assign a president to answer all those questions while you focus on giving your talk.

With both free and pro version, WebinarPress is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress webinar plugins out there.

2. Agora Video

Agora Video is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that offers an amazing number of features on a lightweight and responsive platform. From its simple and easy-to-use UI to its solid menu, this is a powerful plugin!


Agora does not offer a fixed price for its programs but instead opens a payment-based payment model. This is especially appealing to small or independent users who do not need to buy more minutes.

How you earn will allow you to plan ahead and pay only for the minutes you use! There are several programs you can buy from, from Voice, Video, to Live Interactive Video Streaming.

The problem that arises with this divergence and pays as you go the route is that you never know how much you will spend until you spend the minutes, something that can be a problem for some users. In the end, prices may seem like a lot to most people, but they can still cause problems for some users.


Agora has strong names for compelling features to meet your broadcast needs. They claim to have more than 200 data centers set up worldwide to help you stream over 1 million viewers if needed!

You are also given the option to back up all your streams to Amazon’s S3 platform, which has a reliable and efficient storage service in just a short time.

Agora puts a little focus on its promise to provide low latency and high-quality video, something that has proven to be true over and over again. Overall, Agora offers a solid feature set that is intended to cater for the client payment base used.


The simple and easy-to-use UI is a big plus, and Agora offers this effectively. You are given a solid integration with a WordPress layout that sounds clean and responds to intelligent design, which is all you need.

10,000 free minutes of voice lets you log in and try it out before committing to full purchase! The powerful range of development sites is aimed at those who need deep integration with their plugins. Overall, Agora offers a good number of useful features to attract its robust userbase.

3. eRoom- WordPress webinar & Video Conferencing Plugin

This powerful WordPress plugin packs enough power to get almost anything you want to do in a Video conference or a webinar.


ERoom is a great deal for both individuals and companies with their site-based shopping plan. The one-site plugin may cost you $ 19, but you can get it for 25 sites for just $ 69!

You are also entitled to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase, ensuring that the platform is always up-to-date and ready to meet the needs of its users.

The free version of the plugin is also available, making it easy for you to try out the lite version before committing to purchasing a license.

All in all, eRoom offers a very compelling plugin based on its price only.


The eRoom feature list may be its most compelling feature. The full compatibility of WordPress and integration with Zoom lets you worry more about your content and less about getting it there!

An additional shortcode enables you to conduct and host meetings from any page on your site, making communication with your users much easier. Many management features allow you to manage and manage users at the touch of a button, and only one administrative area allows you to set how to proceed.

Data is everything these days, and easy-to-understand performance and engagement report created after your conference allow you to come up with ways to improve and re-energize your meetings.

You can also quickly set up purchasing processes for your webinars with WooCommerce, saving your time and viewer. That’s one of the most important features, check out their WordPress site to get a respectable idea of ​​how much they are donating!


The ease of use of the plugin is an easy way to find out which quality you need. The eRoom features a compelling UI design that is easy to look at and rich to assist you in building conventions.

The intuitive dashboard easily compiles all available actions and categories that can make it easy to navigate the wide feature range effectively and quickly.

All in all, this plugin provides a fair amount of usability and UI elements.\

4. Video Conferencing with Zoom

Video Conference with Zoom is a plugin that focuses on the simplicity of live streaming via Zoom, with a useful list of additional features to support your streaming and availability.


This plugin is offered as a free plugin, with the pro-type available to help you get some of the most advanced features. Unfortunately, there is no single program to purchase a plugin, as they have gone and divided their features into pro plugin categories.

This is a way for prices against consumers as you will be forced to pay less ($ 34) per site using their plugins. All in all, the free version of this plugin is great, but the pro version just fails to attract in terms of its price in terms of performance.


The downside of having a free plugin is that you have less work done on it than your average paid plugin, all but to ensure that the feature list will be very small.

The Video Conferencing Plugin provides a traditional pre-join mechanic to make your clients join easily, and accurately set a timer count in meetings, as well as a meeting time plan that takes into account the viewer’s location time.

This is very helpful for people who broadcast to global viewers who can be a few hours away from their time zone. The ability to display a webinar using a shortcode is common these days, and this plugin releases that as well.

It is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you won’t have to spend time trying to set up a shopping plan for your webinars. Another exciting feature of this plugin is account reporting, which lets you view meeting statistics and metrics. A

ll in all, this plugin has a solid list of features, even if it loses some of the great features and integration of paid plugins that it should have.


Depending on the UI, this plugin provides solid and user-friendly features that should never be difficult to use. The main integration panel is very linear and easy to use while it is well designed and easy on the eyes.

The biggest problem with usability here is that many members report that glitches appear, which is understandable as it is primarily open-source software and endless development, but it is not often enough that it should not present a problem to the average user.

5. WebinarIgnition

Another place to set up, create, run, and manage your webinars is WebinarIgnition. What are some of the things this plugin can do for you? The short answer would be, all you can think about is hosting webinar programs.

Let’s start with the simple design and customization of key pages for your site. This includes a registration section where interested participants can enter their details, a confirmation page where they will receive confirmation that they have already been admitted to the upcoming event, and a live page where you can showcase your webinar.

With WebinarIntegration, you can embed any video feeds including YouTube live, Ustream and LiveStream on your website’s live webpage. It’s a good thing because most of us can use these popular video streaming platforms.

You can easily monitor the number of participants in real time as well as the total amount of money you earn from the webinar. The Live Console feature makes this possible. It is also a tool you can use to manage queries during the program.

The Air Message feature also allows you to press a call to action on your live webinar page. It encourages those in attendance to take positive action. This could limit the offer or take advantage of a large subscription discount. This works best in collaborative marketing environments.

Make Money through Your Online Seminars and Workshops

Because this Video Conferencing Plugin integrates well with popular payment methods, you will be able to make money with your online conferences and forums. As mentioned earlier, trustworthy teachers should charge a fair amount for the good content they are striving for.

You can also help attendees not to miss out on any program. These are reminder tools such as email reminders and text messages. And when you talk about email reminders, you’ll be glad it easily meets popular email responders like MailChimp. Also, there is a calendar that adds a feature that allows users to add an event to their Google Calendars with just a click.

If this isn’t enough, you can get the features you want in the developer version of this plugin. Some of the features of the pro include pre-recorded webinars, replay pages for both live and record webinars, and unlimited webinar programs with subscribers. WebinarIgnition is indeed the top plugin for hosting webinars.

6. KI Live Video Conference

KI Live is a powerful Zoom conference service ready to accommodate a crowd of high-end and high-end users. They offer an impressive list of features and a good amount of support!


This is a free plugin that aims to provide a great and diverse base for customers! As far as features are concerned, freedom is a big plus for this software. Being an open-source comes with the costs of slow and inefficient product support and development, although most users seem to have no complaints. All in all, however, the prices of this software (Free!) Are very attractive.


Wisely, this is a powerful plugin that brings almost everything you can expect from it. Allows easy and easy integration of Zoom to communicate effectively with your organization, an intuitive measurement control panel, and the recording option to extract your streams into a secure and saved file.

The Gutenberg Editor is also fully integrated making your streams stand out! Short codes are also fully compatible and included here! The plugin also sells itself in the medical field in particular, claiming to be an effective liaison in diagnosing, diagnosing and treating patients remotely.

While this plugin may lose some of the basic and essential features common to these types of plugins, it offers some of its features that are rarely seen elsewhere!


This Video Conferencing Plugin enters WordPress easily and does not appear in any way in terms of usability. Anyone can take it and learn to use it to the heartbeat, even though it is limited to what it can do.

The medical use of this plugin is the best-selling and for someone in the industry, this one seems to meet the needs of the industry very well.

Although it does not have WooCommerce and other critical integrations common these days, it does offer at least some integration to promote its use elsewhere (Gutenberg Editor). All in all, this plugin is good in terms of usability, nothing special but not very poor.

7. WP GoToWebinar

Each year, approximately 2.7 million webinars are hosted through GoToWebinar. This is how the stadium is widely used. And that’s just because it provides quick and easy event management tools. From the creation of your webinars, to promotions, to analytics – it’s the perfect package.

WP GoToWebinar is a plug-to-to-have built specifically for displaying upcoming webinars on the table. Includes a calendar or widget from your GoToWebinar account. This links to registration forms on your WordPress site.

This webinars management plugin enables the site administrator to embed future webinars. You can use the registration forms on any page or part of the website by using shortcodes. Also, as new webinars are made, the show automatically updates itself. Therefore, there is no need to manually enter your future webinars if the scheduler display is already active.

8. LiveSmart Video Chat

To install a free (Powerful) SSL on your site for lifetime read this post:

This is an old plugin that can get the job done! It has a lot of interesting performance and is still able to compete in today’s market.


This is part of the expensive software, which costs $ 120 for the full price. Although it offers a wide range of features, I do not feel that one should push the price up to this price. All in all, it is an expensive plugin that offers a good list of features, not enough to allow its price.


This plugin includes a list of powerful features that set you apart from most of the competition. Provides a live video call and upcoming chat system integrated with a white digital board and front-end accessibility.

Your streams can be saved as well, which is great if you plan to upgrade them again! Mobile-friendly and easy to interact with the bathroom system gives you more control over who can see and who can see your streams.

The powerful HTML5 web chat system makes communication with users of any platform very easy. Inner video and meeting editor makes editing much easier! All in all, LiveSmart Video Chat has a few powerful features!


This plugin may have the cleanest UI we have ever seen! It is very accurate and easy to use while still holding a few features under the hood. or fails to successfully integrate with some of the larger applications, it offers complete control and no third-party streaming service to save you from hiccups or any other service it can provide. All in all, this plugin has great usability!


In conclusion, I went through the top 8 WordPress webinar & Video Conferencing Plugins for video integration and broke each one by number, Features, and usability.

After this in-depth analysis, I hope that you have to find the best webinar and Video Conferencing Plugin for you.

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