Suvam Sahoo

I am a Web Developer & Designer, Entrepreneur, and general doodler with a keen eye for creating winning websites, bringing products to life.


I like to feed my cat in my spare time and build web projects that matter.


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“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates

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Given the years of experience, I have been a WordPress developer, it is safe to say that  I live and breathe WordPress. 

That being said, I work with companies and individuals to make their dream a reality. 

In 2021 I co-founded My Craft Shop, An Indian online marketplace or community, where people come together to make, sell, buy and collect unique items.

I consider myself lucky to have built a career on WordPress and being able to contribute and give back to the community.  As a curious individual, I am always open to learning and growth. I consider every opportunity as a chance to learn something new and I do so through my clientele. 

Out of the office, you’ll find me dreaming about cricket, chilling with friends, and feeding cats.

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above the best in every region. While building our new website, customer service has been prompt and transparent, and the actual services were well defined and compatible with our needs. We're very excited to be working with Suvam. Over a short period, I can assure you that we're going to be doing business with Suvam for a long time and would happily recommend it to everyone... Except for our COMPETITORS.

Savita Sailesh

By far the best person I've ever worked with. He truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend him, you simply just won't find any one better!

Yamini Ghantasala

Working with Suvam has been a dream come true. Not only does he promptly respond to any requests and concerns, but He is also forward-thinking, presenting solutions to issues before they even become problems. His technical expertise combined with wonderful personal and customer service skills makes Him an ideal choice for any of your tech needs. A delight to work with, and I look forward to doing so for years to come.

Vansh Gupta

I'm wondering why I never contacted suvam sooner! Seriously, he has commendable talent in respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Abhishek Sharma

Suvam is a highly talented WordPress designer and has mastered WordPress. I myself tried my hands on it a bit and the things that take me 2-3, hours to figure out, Suvam does it in 5 mins.

Jayant Kumar Padhi

It was a great delight working with Suvam, he is technically sound and knows his work very well. He listened to our every requirement patiently. We are very happy with his work. Looking forward to many more opportunities to work with Suvam.

Madhuri Rao